NEW in Box LF-IRX-LF Leapfrog Remote Control Extender

Price: $15.00 Per Set

The Leapfrog LF-IRX remote control extender increases the capability of any infrared remote control and gives you the power to operate audio and video components through walls and floors from up to 100 feet away. It controls virtually any household device (up to 3 devices) that is operated via infrared remote control, including satellite receivers, personal video recorders, VCR's, CD players, stereo receivers, tape decks, etc.

• Use it to control your DVD Player, Satellite Receiver, Personal Video Recorder, Cable Converter Box, VCR, CD Player, Stereo Receiver from anywhere in your home.

• Long-range RF signal works inside or outside of your home, through walls and floors, up to 100 feet away.

• Compatible with most infrared equipment.

• Controls up to 3 devices

• The LF-IRX Remote Control Extender consists of two units, an Extension Unit and Base Unit with infrared extension.
The Extension unit converts the Infrared signals from your remote control into long-range RF signals that are sent to the base unit.
The Base unit converts the RF signals from the extension unit back to the infrared signals used to control your components. The Base unit also contains a jack for the Infrared Extender. The Extension can be used in situations where the Base Unit can not be placed in front of the component(s) it is controlling.

Minimum Order Quantity 5

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