Flexity PCSQ3K PowerSquid Surge 3000 Surge Protector

Was: $65.00
Now: $30.00 Each

For optimal surge protection comes fully loaded with flexible outlets to eliminate your struggles with bulky plugs, full connectivity protection to defend against surges entering through cable and DSL/phone lines.

It also offers powerful PureStream EMI/RFI filters, failsafe Tripwire Circuitry for catastrophic event protection, all housed in a lustrous black body with a translucent blue shield to safeguard your gear and memories with panache.

Model Specifications:
6 Flexible Outlets
330V Clamping
3240 Joules w/ Ultra-MOV technology
40dB Purestream EMI/RFI power filtering
Complete Connectivity Protection for DSL/Dial-Up and Cable/Coaxial

Standard Features:
Tripwire Circuit
15 Amp Breaker
8ft Extra-long Power Cord
Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Blue-LED Power Indicator
Red-LED Protection Indicator
Green-LED Ground Indicator
Rubber skid-feet prevent sliding
Rugged, drop-tested ABS casing
Phone splitter with superior sidactor protection
Gold plated coaxial connectors

Product Dimensions:
Width of body at widest point: 4"
Length of body: 7.5"
Length of longest tentacle: 10"
Total length (w/out power cord): 17"

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