Flexity PowerSquid PCSQ3K-CAL Surge 3000

Was: $65.00
Now: $30.00 Each

The PowerSquid eliminates power strip overcrowding by placing AC outlets on five or six flexible tentacles. Bulky AC adapters can block adjacent outlets. The PowerSquid provides clean, surge-protected power to your valuable electronic equipment, and also provides protection for coaxial and phone lines.

• 3240 Joules of surge protection
• Protects DSL/dial-up & cable/coax
• 6 Flexible outlets / 2 Glow blue
• 8 Ft power cord
• Flat profile rotating plug
• 15 Amp Breaker & Reset switch

Minimum Order Quantity

Additional connectivity is provided to protect your cable and DSL lines. Powerful 58dB PureStream filters and an audible alarm housed in a luminous white body with a blue shield ensure that your gear is always protected.