NEW in Bag Raychem 599259 EZ-Twist 6-Q for RG6 Quad 100/Bag

Price: $45.00 Per Bag

A unique twist-on feature of the EZ-Twist connector makes
easy installation possible on all cables commonly used in the
home, even fire-retardant cables with light jackets. A polymeric
ring, designed for cable retention, secures the cable to connector
interface. The outer polymeric shell seats the ring, and
locks the assembly on the port.
An installation aid is provided to assist in terminating the connector
to the cable. Made of clear plastic, the aid allows visual
inspection, proper cable location in the connector, and correct
center conductor length.
EZ-Twist connectors have many of the features installers have
come to rely upon with the EZ-F connector. They are color
coded red for RG59 cable and blue for RG6 cable. The cable
is easily prepared with the EZF-T cable preparation tool.                       EZ-Twist connectors save labor and expense while providing high
quality, dependable, and consistent terminations.
EZ-Twist connectors are packaged in bags of 100, with 4 install
aids and 20 subscriber labels.

EZ-Twist 6-Q for RG6 quad shield, color coded light blue

100 Per Bag