NEW in Box PCT-DRS-6P DRS Connector for RG6 Plenum 50/Bag

Price: $0.50 Each

PCT's patented DRS compression connector line is technically advanced, installation-friendly solutions to enhance the performance of digital, two-way broadband networks.  Its unique compression technology offers two robust seals to prevent moisture penetration, and the weather-seal nut eliminates the need for "F" port seal rings, making installations simple, reliable and cost effective.  When used in conjunction with a standard seal ring, the weather-seal nut adds a robust second layer of protection against moisture migration.  PCT's advanced post design greatly reduces connector insertion force, making installation on all cable types a breeze, and the hex nut design ensures an easy-to-turn hex nut in all weather conditions. Several exterior plating materials are available to meet the needs of specific markets and/or protect corrosion in even the harshest environments. 

PCT DRS6P RG-6 Plenum Compression connectors are used for easy "F" type terminations where plenum cable and connectors are required.

Packaging:  50 per bag