TII Network Technologies 169T-2S Enclosure

Price: $8.50 Each

Indoor/outdoor residential telephone wiring terminal mounted in an enclosure. Wire terminal consists of two independent sealed wire termination block circuits with integral sealed test points. Main circuit consists of one pair input from the security output and nine parallel pair outputs. Home security circuitry consists of an incoming digital voice service output pair and an incoming security system output pair.
The enclosure is equipped with a TII 68T-2S wire terminal designed for applications requiring more than one parallel connection to a single service in addition to providing connectivity to an existing home security system. Ideal for VoIP networks that include a home security system. Tool-less wire termination for 26 thru 22 AWG solid conductor wire using IDC rocker arms. Enclosure dimensions: 5.68" H x 4.33" W x 2.55" D. Listed to UL 1863.

1 Line to 9 Extensions
1 Line to Security System
IDC Wire Termination
26 thru 22 AWG Solid Conductor Wire

Minimum Order Quantity 20