Ideal 33-826 LinkMaster PRO Tester Kit

Price: $319.95 Each

The LinkMaster PRO Tester enables installers, contractors and maintenance technicians to map, test and troubleshoot data and voice communication cable and coax runs. Rugged, versatile, and easy-to-use, the LinkMaster PRO tester has mastered the link between performance, simplicity and value for both commercial and residential applications.

Tests for shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, split pairs, and shield continuity
Measures length on UTP, ScTP, and coax with or without remotes
Identifies up to eight twisted pair and coax remotes
Tone generator sends up to four different tones
Test results displayed in wire map format
Snap-off battery cap allows for easy battery change
Two size kits with unshielded and shielded cable assemblies

Packaging:  1 per box