Tempo TR3120-5000 Step Time Domain Reflectometer

Price: $1134.50 Each

Tempo TR3120-5000 is a full feature STEP Time Domain Reflectometer. STEP technology has been found to be far superior to pulse technology because it sharply increases rise time from 0 VDC to 1 Gigahertz. This increased rise time allows the user to detect and locate faults within the first inch of the cable under test. The accuracy of STEP technology is further aided by the sampling method which is accurate within a half an inch.

The cable under test is measured as impedance. Any impedance mismatch detected is visible on the TR3120's waveform. Impedance mismatches are typically caused by opens, shorts, water, flat spots, and known or unknown splice locations in the cable. The TR3120 also displays the impedance of the cable at the cursor location. The user can conveniently determine the impedance at any point along the cable. This type of fault locating eliminates the difficulties associated with waveform interpretation.

The TR3120 can be operated in auto or manual mode. The six menus allow technicians to tailor the unit to meet their specific needs. The menus contain a wide selection of features which include: cable type, zero set, save/recall, print and test modes, auto centering, wave averaging, auto scan, and intermittent find.

Packaging:  1 per box