Channel Master 1005IFD Satellite Signal Level Meter

Price: $89.00 Each

Channel Master 1005IFD operates from 11-24 VDC on the coaxial cable. Connection to the receiver is optional with the 1005IFD but extends battery life between charges. Allows measurement of voltage on the coaxial cable. The 1005IFD will also measure LNB current. The 1005IFD includes an internal rechargeable nicad battery pack, carrying strap and a wall plug recharging unit. The internal battery pack allows a dish to be aligned before it is connected to the satellite receiver. The battery pack is switchable between 13 and 18V output, allowing either polarization to be selected when used with a voltage switched LNB. In US DBS applications, LHCP is selected when the LNB voltage is nominally 17V. Model 1005IFD is available with a 230 VAC/50 Hz charger.

Packaging:  1 per box